About Nina Kauder

After being a vegetarian for 3 years, i went Vegan for the next 10 years, and went back to school to switch all my advanced, yet conventional culinary training to plant-based, moving out of the realm of food as entertainment, to food as medicine, and the most important self-healing discipline we can offer ourselves. I recently became a Certified Health Coach to assist those who are interested in improving their health, and i’m presently on my way to a master’s level certification, too.  Finally, all my plant-based and vegan nutrition training matches my own personal beliefs! I believe incorporating as much from the plant kingdom as possible into our lives will lead us into grounded good health, and provide tremendous spiritual satisfaction.

Nina uses a variety of resources and tools including Salad in a Jar Workshops, Tower Garden, Juice Plus, and other holistic practices. She and you will plan the right tools for you in order to bring you to closer to your best version of yourself.
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