Annie Apple Seed 2020- Green Giant Juice

Every year, as we assemble resources for the exhilarating Annie Appleseed Project annual CAM, I get excited – yet nervous – all over again thinking of a ballroom full of 300 attendees to get to make morning green juice for.  For some of you, this is nothing new, and I love seeing your smiles as you turn the corner and the perfume of ginger and turmeric, lemon and greens wafts your way.  The closer you get, the broader your smiles are and we love seeing you get excited, eagerly asking if this yumminess is for you!   Is it ever?! We just love telling you this is YOUR juice we are preparing, and we’ll be ready to serve you yours just as soon as you get a morning pause.

We are here to nourish you, but it is you who nourish us with your love, smiles and happy dances, and it just warms our hearts every single year… Thanks to YOU, our cup runneth over and we get loved on by so many of you that we truly get back tenfold of what we bring you. Or so it feels!

Do you know why we trim our cucumbers this way? Let us know in the comments below!!
On the other hand, it is the others, those of you new to us, that may not already know about green juice, fear the taste, and are oh-so-tentative of anything new and healthy, and we see it all over your faces how intimidating this is to you.  It is you who keep me awake at night, keep me nervously biting my lip hoping you’ll give us a chance and be open to the gifts we bring.  I obsess over how to best reach you…   Only, and this is the amazing part, those if you I’ve just described, never turn the corner.  In fact, you never come to our table. It’s because you never even set foot in the conference, or aren’t even in the building!!   We never meet you ‘negative nellies’, not at this event.
Congratulations, you are ALL such brave troopers and warriors, and I’ve watched you all, year after year, learning how to navigate the onslaught of challenges with grace, humor and an emerging sense of self and power!  I applaud you all and dedicate my regular green juice practices to you, our Annie Appleseed Warriors.
In your honor, I’ve renamed my green lemonade to “Green Giant” as year after year, I’ve seen every single one of you stand a foot taller, prouder and stronger. Clearly, these energy shots, and the entire event bring out the very best already inside of you. Shine on, my friends and know that you inspire all of us at the juice booth long after the weekend passes.
Here’s my trusted recipe and if you have any objections, or see anything at all standing in your way, preventing you from having your own glorious organic juice DAILY, please reach out to me at and I promise to offer you practical tips to get you closer to your goals.
Green Giant Juice Recipe
Kale, any varietal – 5 full leaves, leaves w/ stems intact
Celery – 4 full length sticks
Cucumber – 1 full, ends trimmed
Apple – (Green preferred)
Lemon – 2 whole, ends removed, peel removed from 4 sides to resemble a box shape
Turmeric root –  2 finger-length pieces
Ginger, unpeeled – 2 inch knob
Fresh Mint leaves – ¼ bunch
Fresh Cilantro – ¼ bunch
Moringa – optional, use a few stems of leaves if fresh is available (preferred to processed powders)
The main tips to make this work, are to first juice your ginger and turmeric, stopping as often as your machine whines that the basket is getting clogged from the high fiber content, and clear the basket of debris interfering till all the roots are processed.  Save your pulp and set aside for other uses.
Comment below if you remember why we cut our cucumbers this way
Next, take your smaller fluffier leaves and herbs and wrap them into herb packets within a “blanket” you make from the larger leafy greens you’re using, i.e. kale or swiss chard leaves. Then run those all through the juicer, followed by the  the remainder of ingredients which are all going to push the residual dark green chlorophyll out. Stir and drink immediately.  Or place in a glass jar all the way tot he brim, leaving no room for oxygen to degrade the freshness and quality of your juice. Doing so will allow you to save your juice for up to 24 hours.
PS: as a bonus, I add a link to this week’s healthy living & eating feature in the Palm Beach Post’s food section where I am included in the article, along with one of my original recipes.  This dish tastes indulgent (yet isn’t) and tastes like you toiled all day, when it only takes 5 minutes to assemble and “whip up”.

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Don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell me how you like the recipe!
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