Real Foods for Lung Health and More

This Coronavirus thing, this social distancing thing, this working from home thing…. what a thing it can be! We are all feeling it, in one form or another and like all of you, i’m running through all the feels and processing it all -at least that which I can actually process, and surrendering to the unknown mostly, trusting in my own health and wellness lifestyle and sharing as much of it as possible with my circle. Because i’m hearing form many of you with increased anxiety over the additional uncertainties of it all, I wanted to share some of my favorite distractions, some of which involve my pets, always considered emotional support animals, and my kitchen, always part lab/part temple, to me.  Thanks to the extra time off due to Covid19, the moment, I’m making a few extra ferments that take 30-40 days to age just right, and creating “Quarantine Queue” content, finally starting up YouTube channels, and the like!
In the meantime, i’m HERE on this platform with you sharing some meal ideas to improve our immune system overall, as well as heal inflammation, strengthen our lungs, and reduce any upper respiratory symptoms which you might be facing:
  1. For lung health, incorporate pineapple or kiwi (or both!) into your meals. These each make great snacks, breakfast or dessert options, but might as well splurge and turn these into easy and fast meal replacement ideas, filled with beneficial nutrients by adding either fruit to a clean shake mix such as this kind
  2. To reduce inflammation, and benefit from antioxidants, eat ginger, turmeric, garlic, onions, regularly. Blend these together to make a great dip and base for a dressing  even, and enjoy with as many leafy greens and raw veggies as possible. Always a great way to eat, but vital right now! If you’re more in a soup mood,
  3. To up your intake of the most beneficial vitamins, A, C, and E, in order, include Carrots; Citrus, Bell Peppers, Papayas (green, or ripe), Avocado, Collard Greens,Sweet potatoes; and ¼ Cup sunflower seeds in your meals. Adapt any pesto recipe to incorporate sunflower seeds and collard greens in lieu of the other greens and nuts,and eat the finished pesto with carrots bell pepper “scoops” for a great solution.  Want an alternate pesto recipe featuring sunflower seeds? You’re in luck! Get the recipe HERE
  4. Eat 2 Brazil nuts, per day, every day, for selenium content which protects the body from infections and from damage caused by free radicals, among many other good things this little nut can do! I just use them as a snack item, but if you’re feeling extra ambitious, with a little extra time on your hands, save money and make your own DiY nut mylk right now
  5. Eat Walnuts daily, for their Vit E, anti-inflammatory properties, copper and folate, and above all, ability to reduce psychiatric stress which weakens our immune systems. BTW, Copper as a nutrient helps maintain the immune functions, and helps us absorb iron, which is what gives us energy, and we can all use more of that, only always! Try Walnuts with this great recipe for a yummy treat!!
If you do all this, you’ll reduce asthma symptoms, strengthen capillary walls, enjoy good energy levels, all for eating a few yummy meals with carefully created, easy-peasy recipes. Should you feel unable or unwilling to purchase and eat these ingredients, or cook your own meals, you can always choose to bridge the gap with my favorite “easy-button”, taking a variety of the whole food nutrition capsules or gummy-chewables twice a day and cover getting over 30 different fruits and vegetables into your daily diet, seeds, skins and all!
PS: Those weird parts like skins and seeds, among others,  are the ones that actually have the most beneficial compounds!  Here’s where you can order when you’re ready to get started!
Stay Healthy, Friends!
Please Strive to Remain Kind, Above All <3

Leave a comment below on how you plan to use your pesto!

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*I know that sentiment has deep political ramifications RIGHT NOW as the term “marshall law” is being bandied about, but this post just isn’t about that.  I’m personally NOT a fan of speculating, or stressing about the things that I cannot control so here I am back at my home temple, the kitchen, creating healing recipes so that we can live our best life, despite being temporarily in isolation.

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