Thank you Chef, for the easy lesson on sprouting lentils.Today I enjoyed a nice addition to my salad…Lentil beans sprouts!! Gracias


Enjoying your class!


I am in both your Monday and Wednesday class and love them.


A must go. Nina Rawchef Kauder is so passionate about what she does. Her food and classes are amazing. Love love love her nachos!!!!


I had lots of fun, tasting new foods, it was different but the food was great. you need to keep an open mind. I was able to ask a lot of questions with great answers and this was a great experience. I can not wait to do it again.


I am so excited to have found Nina and her amazing Tumeric Ginger Elixir! I am on day 3 of drinking about 4 oz a day and I already feel better! I love to drink it straight out of the bottle and feel it go through my body all the way to my toes! I can't wait to work with Nina and do some cooking with her and get healthy again!

Diana A.

All their prepared vegan food is made with excellent quality ingredients, delicious and reasonably priced! Also, the classes are varied, you get to taste and take home food. Bean Scene Production has been my Vegan partner for a long time. Do NOT miss out! This is perfect for senior vegans, as well as beginners.

Jacqueline Q.M.

Stepped into this cute little shop that is very neat and Clean. Two smiling faces greeted us I got the " Pulled Pork " Brussels Slaw and Delicious Carrot Cake. Thank you

Samantha A.

Nina has such an incredible ability of turning ordinary things into delightful creations. Everything that was made for my event was perfect, fulfilling to the eyes, as well as the entirety of the senses. What a joy it was to have her cater my event. Super highly recommended! Vegan and Gluten-Free, Organic options, made with love!

Carol J

Awesome Chef and very entertaining as well. Great food.

Julie S.K.

Prepared meals are so delicious!!! My favs are always her soups and stews!

John N

Nina is a creative chef with a vast knowledge of food, from the planting of gardens to the harvest & preparations of some of the most exotic and tasty food I have ever eaten. Like a picture is worth a 1000 words. A taste of the food Nina has prepared is worth 2000 words. Yummy, healthy & delicious just start the list.

Mark B

Nina has been an extremely skilled guide in the field of raw, healing, vegan food and nutrition. She has introduced me to an array of highly tasteful, powerful food ingredients and preparations. And Nina is extremely generous in sharing her knowledge about food and its properties with friends and clients in multiple media. Her food is extraordinarily fine - she has the touch and the taste - and inviting to all palates. Nina's long career of accomplishments has culminated (for now) in her current activities and interests focused on dietary wellness and raw cuisine. And as I have seen over many years, she always brings powerful commitment, passion, intelligence, follow-through and joy. I have always found her company an absolute pleasure and spiritually healing. I recommend Nina unequivocally for any position relating to food, diet, and nutrition (as well as planning and management, as Nina is vastly multi-faceted).

Amelia A.

Nina prepared a delicious, healthful lunch in a short amount of time. Nina's input would be an asset to any organization.

Stacey H.C.

Nina Kauder is by far one of the most knowledgeable persons I know when it comes to food preparation and service -- both cooked and raw. She is equally well versed about the nutritional and health value of all foods. Moreover, she is an expert event planner and organizer and caterer. Her deliveries were always on time. Not only was she trustworthy with regard to timeliness, but her product was always excellent. I would trust Nina with any creative need also.


She is very knowledgeable about and involved in organic gardening as well. Her passion for creation and consumption of healthy foods, and long-term benefits to self and the planet is very enticing.


She is an incredible chef who provides, not only high-quality, organic foods, but also an education about the benefits of healthful eating. Nina offers nutrition and food combining classes in person and online regarding vegetarian, vegan and raw food diets.


Nina's culinary creations are delicious, nutritious and beautiful. Delighting many senses simultaneously, her preparations are grounded in healthy eating and are often unique and unusual in her food pairings, which always leave one satisfied and delighted with her skills!


Anyone looking for a fun evening learning to cook excellent Indian Cuisine should plan to attend. Nina Rawchef Kauder hosts these wonderful Journeys at one of Palm Beach County’s hidden treasures. Check her out.


My daughter had the experience she hoped for. As a surprise for her birthday, Nina provided the most wonderful class in vegan baking. The instruction was simple, the taste was delectable and my daughter will remember this for a long time. The best part was the inspiration that my daughter got and is now baking up some fantastic creations. Thanks for the memory and the professional tutelage. Mini Vegan Baker up and coming.

Lorraine B

I just wanted to thank sooo much for a wonderful webinar . It was very informative. After the break I dialed in and listened. I didn't want to get out of the car! I learned sooo much!!! Please forward any info to my email. Like the other participants, I do not have Facebook! Please keep in touch with any other webinars/seminars that you are hosting! Again thank you for a phenomenal webinar. Hope we meet again soon!

Lorraine B

I just wanted to thank sooo much for a wonderful webinar . It was very informative. After the break I dialed in and listened. I didn't want to get out of the car! I learned sooo much!!!...


This meal is wonderful! Thank you! So Fresh, so clean, so tasty! That’s Wonderful Thank You!

Hyvelle F

Wow! Nina, You are such a blessing🙌🏿❤️ My life is forever changed because of your passion for helping others understand the powerful benefits of eating to live. I'm so grateful❤️ I look entirely different from three years ago!

Anne M.

Awesome! Love your classes. I’m always learning healthy stuff with you.


Thank you Nina. I enjoyed your presentation. Although I am familiar with much of your healthy advice, your perspective was good and encouraging. I became much more of a health advocate after being diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2012. After surgery I refused chemo and changed my diet and personal care, took supplements and tried to stay toxin free. In the process I lost 23lbs. I don't take any medications but continue to use natural supplements.