Hyvelle F

Wow! Nina, You are such a blessing🙌🏿❤️ My life is forever changed because of your passion for helping others understand the powerful benefits of eating to live. I'm so grateful❤️ I look entirely different from three years ago!

Anne M.

Awesome! Love your classes. I’m always learning healthy stuff with you.


Thank you Nina. I enjoyed your presentation. Although I am familiar with much of your healthy advice, your perspective was good and encouraging. I became much more of a health advocate after being diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2012. After surgery I refused chemo and changed my diet and personal care, took supplements and tried to stay toxin free. In the process I lost 23lbs. I don't take any medications but continue to use natural supplements.

Frank C.

There are no words to show my appreciation!

Grace M.

Love your positive attitude! It makes All the difference 💜💜

Lindsey M.

Chef Nina is motivating, original, enthusiastic and charismatic. She changes minds and excites taste buds. She is a great educator in terms of food and health and has changed the way I think about healthy, vegan food. I can't wait to work with her to plan an event.

Keith B.

Nina Kauder brings joy, energy and passion to any project she undertakes. Her excitement is contagious as she inspires and motivates those around her to do better, feel better and live better. She has the ability to not only produce wonderful creations from raw materials, but to teach the next person how to achieve the same alchemy. Nina is an invaluable asset to those who know her and I suspect her energy is felt even by those who don't. It is my continued pleasure to work alongside her!

Elena B.

Nina Kauder is an infinitely creative, resourceful and knowledgeable in the world of health food, cooking and beyond. Her passion for her projects is contagious and is evident in the attention to detail she gives from the start to their completion. Nina brings professionalism, confidence and eagerness into any project she works on. Her knowledge of her subject is unparalleled. She is truly a joy to collaborate with.

Sharon D.

You are amazing!!

Jennifer Fo...

I have to totally thank you so much! It has been years I’ve wanted to eat better. You have helped me more than I can ever say!